Public Sector
We enable government and public industry bodies to frame and implement effective carbon reduction programmes.

help you get a handle on your key climate change impacts, and plan and implement carbon reduction programmes. Adopt and track implementation of carbon mitigation and adaptation measures. Establish new, or streamline existing, carbon and other environmental management programmes in accordance with international standards. Our focus on stakeholder involvement and engagement means you establish carbon literacy and environmental awareness in your organisation, and promote your activities to the wider community. We can also help you integrate performance management for Health, Safety and CSR indicators.

Benefits include:

  • Take control of all the climate change impacts of your organisation
  • Pro-active management of energy costs, and ongoing assessment of the carbon benefits of renewable technologies
  • Establish and promote integrated carbon and environmental mangement programmes across your organisation
  • Promotion of sustainabilty initiatives and your green credentials to all your stakeholders
  • Streamlined reporting to local, national and international government and regulatory bodies
  • Take the lead in aligning with international standards for carbon and environmental management

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