We stand alone in our focus on environmental applications and services for education - offering a uniquely "joined up" approach.

Our tools monitor resources, and communicate their environmental and carbon impacts to your stakeholders. Depending on the size and needs of your establishment, we offer
tools for tracking of wider eco-objectives and associated performance. We help you establish strategies for optimising resources, and educating and informing your key stakeholders - especially the students who after all are the key to all our future!

Benefits Include:

  • Access real-time resource useage data to educate users of their impacts, streamline operations and manage costs.
  • Close involvement of students in environmental initiatives through activities directly linked to key academic curricula
  • Promotion of sustainabilty initiatives in an engaging way to students, governing bodies, and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrate your green credentials in pursuit of eco-status awards (such as eco-school status)
  • Management of energy costs, and ongoing assessment of the carbon benefits of renewable technologies
  • Integration of carbon initiatives across classes and key curricula.

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