Aggregation, Analysis & Modelling

Ceradon analyses directly and/or indirectly measured performance data to understand performance vs. targets, model outcomes for technology substitution and other measures, and improve carbon and environmental management decision making.

We help you apply appropriate analysis and aggregation to meet your goals, best interpret your modelling results, and help make decisions on performance improvement.

Our software products easily apply different algorithms to performance data, and assess outcomes.



  • Analysis libraries for data derivations (eg Carbon footprint)
  • Maintained library of CO2 conversions factors
  • Forecast vs. actual data comparisons
  • Cumulative functions


  • Aggregation strategies
  • Carbon conversion factor advice

Why Us?

Our in-depth mix of expertise combined with novice/expert software modes helps you aggregate, analyse, and assess performance data from multiple sites and sources - meters, manual inputs, existing data systems, and any other client specified sources. Default analyses, supported by comprehensive carbon conversion libraries, help you create, review and track your required data derivations - such as CO2 footprints and Emissions Trading parameters.