Ceradon was formed in 2001, initially as a consultancy organisation but always with the goal to develop powerful third party tools to help organisations achieve best-in-class sustainable credentials. This toolset has now been in the marketplace for 3 years.

Through our early clients we have developed proven and flexible tools backed up by the necessary skills to offer a "one stop" service to clients.

We offer a third party software alternative to organisations that believed they had to build and maintain their own complex systems. Our tools are scaleable up to meet the demands of large multi site organisations, and down for the smallest of organisations on a tight budget.

Some milestones:

  • 2001: Organised North Sea Oil and Gas Environmental Conference
  • 2003: Prototype development of toolset
  • 2004: First release and use on pilots
  • 2005: Eco Centre adoption of our tools
  • 2005: North Somerset Council selection of our tools to launch their Environmental Management System
  • 2006: Bucks County Council and Oxfordshire County Councils selection of our system to monitor renewable energy sources and as an educational tool in selected county schools
  • 2007: Selection of the system to monitor multiple resources in a Technology Centre of Excellence (John Hampden Grammar School)
  • 2008: Selection of our monitoring and logging tools to track resource useage in a Warwickshire community facility