Business Process & Work Flow Improvement

Ceradon works with you to recommend work flow improvements for your organisation - maintaining current operating imperatives whilst streamlining your evolving carbon and environmental management needs.

We have the people and technology skills to work with your staff and stakeholders to capture your business processes, review your future needs and the change management experience to make it happen.

Our software products can be moulded to support your optimum processes.



  • Point access to any functionality
  • Mix n match functions for client processes & workflows
  • Sequence functions to support specific processes/workflows
  • Launch bar offering direct access to specific entry points


  • Business process and work flow capture, review and improvement
  • Facilitation to establish and introduce best practice
  • Change management programme design and implementation

Why Us?

We have in-depth experience of reviewing existing processes, recommending and introducing new business processes and workflow improvements. Our software tools enable clients to road test and/or fully implement new processes in your organisation, and our consultancy skills help you manage any necessary change management programmes.