Integrated Performance Management

Ceradon supports integrated management for all your organisation's indicators, if required. CSR, Health and Safety, or broader indicators can be managed in line with international and national standards.

We use our knowledge and experience to help you establish meaningful indicators – mindful of global, national and organisation specific indicators.

Our software products are comprehensive, meeting all your needs to meet standards.



  • Integrated multi performance group portals (e.g. H&S, CSR)
  • Libraries of Standard Indicator Groups (eg GRI, DEFRA, BITC)
  • Mix n match standard & client specific performance indicators
  • Track progress to ISO and other standards
  • All Carbon and Environmental Management features


  • Guidance on appropriate indicator groups (e.g. Health, Safety, Social et al)
  • Advice on use of appropriate externally specified and internal indicators.
  • Performance improvement strategies

Why Us?

We offer a one stop portal for multiple performance indicator groups (e.g. for CSR, HSE etc.) provided with comprehensive functionality to support implementation of all key standards (including ISO14001 series, EMAS, OHSAS, etc) and pick n' mix libraries of emerging standard indicator sets (such as GRI, BITC, etc). Clients can use our real time analysis tools to maintain the integrity of any related indicators they may wish to exist/track in different groups.