Resource Monitoring & Awareness

Ceradon captures your resource useage at source or from existing data repositories/loggers, and presents single source or aggregated information for management, education, and decision support.

Our knowledge and experience help you optimise resource monitoring plans, and best locate new resources such as wind turbines and solar panels.

The software and hardware products support local resource monitoring, local or hosted data storage, real time aggegation and display of resource performance, and educational presentation and awareness.



  • Eco-map view
  • Data logger options if required
  • Direct access to existing data files/databases/meters
  • Real time data collection and storage
  • Data grouping & display with user specified time sampling
  • Aggegated data capability
  • Historical and real time data displays
  • Single or multiple graphical displays
  • Time window comparisons


  • Site reviews/reports
  • Monitoring and logging advice

Why Us?

Our expertise and software means you can implement cost effective resource monitoring in your organisation with the unique capability to seamlessly capture data from meters, manual input or existing data systems. Our unique graphical presentations deliver the information in a way that educates and widely increase resource use "literacy" in your organisation.